Spring Wishlist

Hello all. Sorry for the gap between my last post and this one, my internet has been down, which has kept me away from ze blog. Spring is near, some days it even feels like it has sprung, but here in Italy the weather keeps changing. Seeing as it’s spring, or there abouts, I wanted to share with … Continue reading

Interview: Top Model’s Naomi Quarrinton

As we know the fashion industry can be a tough and cut throat world, but dreams do come true (cheesy?) if you try hard enough. One awesome example is Naomi Quarrinton, who’s stunning handmade designs graced the Top Model UK catwalk once before, and she is already due back for a second season. Below I … Continue reading

Current Vibes and favourites

So what is it with coloured hair? I mean seriously? It seems to be everywhere nowadays, whereas a few years ago you could hardly spot anyone with the odd orange and purple hair going around about town. I love coloured hair, dip dye, I mean, anything really! I tried dip dye this summer, and it … Continue reading