Mix it up

Aloha, here I shall propose something a little different. With this hot weather that we are having at the moment, and oily and dry skin can be some of the things we experience in this heat, I wanted to show you guys how to make a mask that will help with all our skin related … Continue reading

Interview: Top Model’s Naomi Quarrinton

As we know the fashion industry can be a tough and cut throat world, but dreams do come true (cheesy?) if you try hard enough. One awesome example is Naomi Quarrinton, who’s stunning handmade designs graced the Top Model UK catwalk once before, and she is already due back for a second season. Below I … Continue reading

A Quick Word

Bonjour to you all on the interweb! Hope you all are having a delectable day. I have been studying all day, so this is just a quick post. I came across this Chanel pre-fall 2013 picture, and I adoooore it dahlings. I love the tartan pattern, cool geometrical socks and the overall cosey and chic … Continue reading

Airport Fashion

Helloooo. Sorry about the bad, non-respondent blogging, but alas school has been weighing me down with all this studying and homework. Thank god it’s the Christmas holidays soon. Anywayyy I wanted to share with you my thought on what people wear to the airport. I was there the other week, and some of the things people wear … Continue reading

Tarantula Trouble

As we all know the model of the moment is most definitely Cara Delevingne. Having appeared in all the most prestigious catwalks, campaigns and is now one of the new angels for Victoria’s Secret. The 20 year old beauty has amazed us again. She is on the cover of i-d, but not any cover, she … Continue reading

Platform Shoes, Disco Music and Hippies

The 70’s. We we think of this period we immediately think of hippies, disco music and the feminist movement. Why am I talking about this you may ask? Well, I recently watched the film Dark Shadows, which is set in the 70’s. Everything looked so awesome back then, the fashion, the music, everything I obviously love. Chloe Moretz, one … Continue reading

Illustration Inspiration

I have recently come across this cartoonist, Joana Avillez, who draws the most amazing stuff. The drawings I liked the most were those done for Refinery 29. She has drawn some fashion icons, designers and just inspirational people in the fashion world (that inspire me too). I also love the little captions she puts in each drawing. I wish … Continue reading