Hello all. Hope you are all having a fantabuluos week. Here is a post that I was meant to post before fashion week, when it snowed, but me being me I forgot. It’s a tiny outfit/new vibes/random post. Been busy this week, but alas not because of school. I am now on a week of … Continue reading

Have you Heard ?!

Jennifer Lawrence. When one mentions her name we think about her great performance in the Hunger games, her fab sense of humor and her glamorous red carpet looks. She is now the new face of Miss Dior. The pictures are beautiful. Glamorous and effortlessly elegant. One might have thought that she would not have pulled off such a campaign, … Continue reading

Last but not definitely not Least

So the remaining two shows that I saw on the 15th were Gyunel and Jean Pierre. I was quite tired to carry on, but I queued up and the shows were awesome. Gyunel was also in the Savoy ballroom, and was brilliant. I loved how the music was really earthy, you could hear in the background a … Continue reading

LFW: the Shows

Hollaaaaaaaaaa. Here I am with this fabulous post about my fashion week experience. It was great, quite exhausting (as I have already mentioned) with high heels and all and having to stand up quite a bit (the queues were sometimes longer than the actual shows), but I guess that’s the norm for all the cool fashion peps. As … Continue reading

LFW Update

Hello all. So so so sorry for the rubbish, dull and rather dead blog activity lately, I have been rather busy with school and getting ready for fashion week. Fashion week. It was awesome. Quite tiring with my high heels on, and having to go back and forward from Somerset house to the Savoy, but … Continue reading

LFW Flashback Part II

Hola! So as I promised, I present you with London Fashion Week flashback part deux. It was really quite difficult choosing for part II, I loved soooooo many looks, so I decided I will attempt a part III next week! One more awesome week til fashion week starts and I am excited. I have chosen … Continue reading