Hello people! Hope you are all well and had a great Christmas. I had a great one, even though right now in Italy it feels like we are in the middle of spring rather than in the middle of winter. Anyway you may remember that on my Christmas wish list I desired a lovely Cambridge … Continue reading

Hot right nowwww

As you may have noticed Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss are the two models of the moment. Having both appeared in all the most prestigious catwalks, they are definitely two models to watch. Now they have both been involved in some new campaigns. Cara is the new Manhattan girl, as she models for DKNY. While Karlie is … Continue reading


As you can tell by the title this is a totally random post. I just wanted to share with you photos that inspire me. I looove the USA, especially the ’50’s to the 90’s. I love how everything is so colorful, like the idyllic calmness of the suburban street of Edward Scissor hands, to the cool, retro … Continue reading

Airport Fashion

Helloooo. Sorry about the bad, non-respondent blogging, but alas school has been weighing me down with all this studying and homework. Thank god it’s the Christmas holidays soon. Anywayyy I wanted to share with you my thought on what people wear to the airport. I was there the other week, and some of the things people wear … Continue reading

Goodies from London

Hello all! Hope you are all having a joyful week. I have come back from London and restarted the woes of school. I just wanted to quickly share with you some of the things I purchased during my short but sweet stay in London. I didn’t really have a huuuge amount of time to shop, but I’m really happy … Continue reading

My Christmas Wish List

Helloooo. I am so stressed right now with all the packing I have to do. I am going to London tomorrow and can’t wait. I won’t post for a few days but I shall be back on Monday! Here I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I would like for Christmas. … Continue reading

Mallzee: Socialize and Shop

I don’t know if you feel like me, but one of my favourite things to do is shop. Shoe shopping, clothes shopping, window shopping, you name it! But I must admit sometimes I’m just to lazy or busy to go and browse the shops. Well, I have an amaaaaazing find to share with you all! … Continue reading

The Eye Clutch

Hello people! So sorry I have not been posted that much recently. It’s just that school has been keeping me studying and away from the blog. But alas I am here and have an exciting new post for you all. For those of you who love Lulu Guinness  like me,  will be happy to know that … Continue reading