What is What

Hello all, hope you are all having a great start to the week. For me it’s school, school, school, so I feel quite relieved that I will be going to London in a few days. Mock exams will soon arrive, and the anticipated worry and stress will commence. So I think it’s times like this … Continue reading

She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

Happy 1st of May everybody! Ahhh it actually feels kinda summery where I am in Italy. It’s a bank holiday here, so been lying about in the glorious sunshine, but alas it was ruined with me having to go and study law-boohoo. Anyway I hope it’s warm where you are. I have some photos I … Continue reading

Thoughts and pictures of the week

Gutentag everyone. How’s it hanging? I personally am doing ok, back to school, mountains of homework and extra curicular activities pretty much sums up my week so far. Depressed because I have been kept away from the blog, and from writing down all the random thoughts in my head to you all. Speaking of random … Continue reading