She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

Happy 1st of May everybody! Ahhh it actually feels kinda summery where I am in Italy. It’s a bank holiday here, so been lying about in the glorious sunshine, but alas it was ruined with me having to go and study law-boohoo. Anyway I hope it’s warm where you are. I have some photos I did while I was soaking up the sun, you know just the random catch up photos. I have also spotted some cool new beauty and fashion products coming out soon, like tie and dye nail varnish and other bits and bobs. My posts will become more regular, cause I also have just one more month of school and my 3 month summer hols shall begin!!!! Yayayayayay

Buon 1 Maggio a tutti! Ahhh si sente effettivamente un pò di estate nell’aria!  Ho alcune foto che ho fatto mentre stavo prendendo il sole. Ho anche notato un po ‘di nuovi prodotti di bellezza e di moda che usciranno tra poco, come lo smalto tie and dye. I miei post saranno più regolari, perche ‘ho solo un altro mese di scuola e i miei tre mesi di vacanze inizieranno!!!!

l 015

Not sure about these. I mean they look cool, and I like the idea, hmmmm

l 013

Must see film. As soon as it comes out in the cinemas near me I will watch it. The trailer looks great, chloe is such a great actress and I think she portrays this role well. I have read the book, but I have never seen the film.

l 011

Beautiful sea

l 006

l 008

l 010

l 014

I need to know when they come out and where. I need these

l 016

Funky sunglasses by Prada.

l 001

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  1. direttorio says:

    Articolo interessante e colgo l’occasione per complimentarmi per questo sito! veramente ben fatto e con tanti articoli utili!

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