Un petit update

Seeing as I haven’t done an update for a while, I thought today would be perfect t do one. It has suddenly turned cold here in Italy, the wind is currently howling at my window, and the warm weather has definitely gone now. I just wanted to share with you some photos from the past … Continue reading


Hellooooo. Hope you are all having a marvelous start to the week. It was quite excruciating getting up at 6:30am, 6:30AM?! What cruelty is this?! School was ok I guess, it was good to see my friends again. I have been quite busy writing to all these faaaabulous designers to go to Fashion Week in London … Continue reading

Outfit du Jour

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great start to the week. I, on the other hand am not, I have millions of exams, am tired and just want to go on holiday and sleep for days. But on a brighter note I have an outfit of the day for you all! This was … Continue reading