Giorgio Armani Profile Piece

Next year the living legend Giorgio Armani will turn 80. I think we should all turn back time and look how this man from Italy formed a huge fashion brand, one which is still going strong today. Born on 11th July 1934 in the northern Italian town of Piacenza, Giorgio Armani was the second of … Continue reading

The Intern

Hello. So as you may know, if you read my tweets or read my blog, last week and two weeks before that I interned at HELLO! online. I ending my first week, and thought that would be it, but the editor asked me if I would like to come back for them, and I obviously … Continue reading

Tik Tok: Sekonda Watch Review

So a few weeks ago The Watch Hut sent me over some watches from Sekonda, so that I could review them, and eventually send them back after a fixed period (sad face). I had selected 2 watches from the website, the Sekonda Ladies Union Jack Stone Set watch, which could be worn everyday, and that would … Continue reading