Thoughts and pictures of the week

Gutentag everyone. How’s it hanging? I personally am doing ok, back to school, mountains of homework and extra curicular activities pretty much sums up my week so far. Depressed because I have been kept away from the blog, and from writing down all the random thoughts in my head to you all. Speaking of random this basically sums up this post. I have been spending quite some time on the social networks, such as twitter and instagram. Been loving looking at all the latest spring trends, and especially loving the Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers, which are sold out on every single online shoe store I have searched, sigh. But not to fear, I have now made it my mission to get my hands on them, I WILL I tell you. So let’s begin shall we?!


I absolutely loved beyonce’s hair style during her vacay with jay z in Cuba. I love the long plaits, twurled and twisted round to make a beautiful and exotic looking plump bun. Am also loving the bright prints she is wearing.


As for vibes I’m still feeling the whole colourful 70’s era. I’ve been experimenting with new clothes and accessories, trying to make my clothes for school much more fun and unique from ze other peeps at my school. I think I’m really just looking for bright and bold colours, patterns and funky prints, retro sunglasses, and oh, really want to do something with my hair, like the dip dye I had this summer.

l_99004 tumblr_mkxxnwnEFf1r1wxzmo1_500 tumblr_mky1nmS6vH1r7053eo1_500 Grimes at the Garage, 30th April 2012 tumblr_mky5coInUt1snpd65o1_500


One Response to “Thoughts and pictures of the week”
  1. Alexandra says:

    Really like your posts, keep ’em coming! 🙂

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