Current Vibes and favourites

So what is it with coloured hair? I mean seriously? It seems to be everywhere nowadays, whereas a few years ago you could hardly spot anyone with the odd orange and purple hair going around about town. I love coloured hair, dip dye, I mean, anything really! I tried dip dye this summer, and it was awesome, but I don’t know if I would ever go the whole way and dye my whole head. Would you guys ever try out a craaazy colour? I love the light pinks, silvery grey and light purple colours for hair. I think I need to experiment…




Miranda. Now I know this isn’t really fashion, but who cares?! I have been watching her episodes non stop and I think she is hilarious. I just love her humor, and I am now reading her book which is a laugh. Seriously, if you haven’t seen her in action yet, and feel in need of a little cheering up, go watch her, now.




Checks and Stripes. This season I adore stripes and check on trousers, shirts, accessories, you name it! I think it all started with Louis Vuitton, doing their amaaaaaazing catwalk, with eerie models going up and down those escalators. I recently went to H&M and spotted the cutest striped shirt ever. I can basically wear it with anything. I am searching everywhere for more wonderful and wacky striped and checked designs.




Model of zee moment (in my eyes anyway). As we all know Cara is the model of the moment, having graced every major catwalk and glossy magazine cover. But I have also spotted another model that has caught my eye, but that I have only recently wanted to find out more about. Her name is Ruby Jean Wilson. Scottish born, she was catapulted into fame, after she decided to chop her hair off and dye them platinum blonde, catching the eye of Marc Jacobs. Since then she has done campaigns for Marc Jacobs, walked shows like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and many others.. I like her look, her strong features and striking expressions. Also she loves the 60’s like moi. With her ever changing hair, I would defo say she is my current model to watch out for.

Vuitton Ruby Jean wilson spring 2013 Ruby-Jean-Wilson-2-286x290 RUBY_JEAN_WILSON_FORD_57_OFFICE_MARC_JACOBS_SS131

DSC2804 936full-ruby-jean-wilson (1)

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