Spring Wishlist

Hello all. Sorry for the gap between my last post and this one, my internet has been down, which has kept me away from ze blog. Spring is near, some days it even feels like it has sprung, but here in Italy the weather keeps changing. Seeing as it’s spring, or there abouts, I wanted to share with you all my wishlist, like the things I desire during these months leading up to the glorious warmth of summer. To be honest the things I want are on an infinite list, but I will just spare you the long list, and show you a few!

Bags, bags, bags. What’s new eh? I am a huge fan of bags, they are almost the first thing I go and look at when I am shopping on-line  At the moment I am obsessed with the new collection from the Cambridge satchel Company, the Chelsea collection  I love all the sweet pastel colours that you can choose from, I would probably get the peachy or pastel blue one.

Then we have beautiful colourful dresses. they are so many i have seen and wanted, so underneath there are just a couple I have seen.

All the other things below are just some awesome things I have spotted on the web and in magazines. I especially love the shows which I spotted on the topshop website. This kind of cut out on shoes is going strong this season. All the rest are accessories and other little indulgences I have spotted, during my frantic browsing.


An Erdem dream



image1xl (1)Image 2077




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