Who is it ?

Boo! Tomorrow is Halloween, yay! I sadly have school tomorrow, so the awesome spookiness of this day will be overshadowed by tests and lectures. I will try and subtly celebrate, painting and designing my nails in black with spiders painted on them. To help everyone get into the true spirit of Halloween (oh come on you are never too old to trick or treat and dress up), I have listed below some eerie places to visit, books to give you goosebumps, and any other Halloween inspiration I could think of!!!!

Those eerie and mysterious places… Theme parks. No not the functioning ones, with exciting, exhilarating rides, full of people eating candyfloss. I mean the abandoned ones. The ones no one wanted to go to anymore. Ivy suffocates the once loved roller coaster, the pools remain ghastly blue empty spaces, the food stands decrepit and rusty. But I guess there is a real fascination and mystery behind it, some elements make you want to look closer, and at the same time stop looking at it. Like in the film Hanna, when she arrives in Germany and is running around Spreepark, Berlin’s abandoned theme park. The strange dinosaurs and plastic animals lying awkwardly on the ground, overwhelmed with moss and dirt, really adds to the final scenes of desperation and determination of the film. Below is a compilation of all of these weird and wonderful places, from the abandoned and unfinished Wonderland in China, to the never opened amusement park in the centre of the city Pripyat, Ukraine.

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As far as books go, it really is a question of personal taste. Personally, if I want some horror material to read, I will turn towards Steven King’s books, which I think is quite an obvious choice for those looking for a thrill. I enjoyed the Stand, which really freaked me out, and had me contemplating the future of our human existence. Others by the genius of horror would be the Shining and Salem’s lot. Other classics would have to be the Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, House of leaves, Frankenstein, and many more.

images (20) images (21) images (22) images (23)

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween !!!!

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retro_1950s_pinup_halloween_party_announcements-ref317d63fe4e4d0787010b55ca80f098_8dnd0_8byvr_512 Butterfinger-Baby Ruth 1956 halloween vintage movie still HalloweenRetroLadies-GraphicsFairy1 Happy-Halloween

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