Don’t open that door

It’s here guys. October! The month of gouls, ghosts and trick or treating. But alas, here in Italy it’s not as big of a thing as in England or USA, no one really goes trick or treating or gets dressed up, which in my opinion is quite a shame, because my spooky costume has to remain in the dark pits of my wardrobe, and my childish excitement has to be contained. I love a good scary story, one that sends shivers down your spine. You know, the ones were you are not sure who or what is haunting the poor people in the old abandoned house, and at the end it’s either a family member or a ghost who wants them out of his/her house. In this segment of Halloween themed post, let’s explore the spooky movies that have become cult classics, and that have been scaring children for years….

Right, one that is definitely on everyone’s horror/thriller radar is probably Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho, I mean come on, that shower scene itself is a cult classic. I remember when I went to Universal Studios in Los Angeles, and saw the creepy, run down motel, and seeing Norman’s shadowed face staring back at you, in pure daylight, that creeped me out. The split personality of Norman is kept quite a mystery throughout the film, and you are left guessing who actually killed Marion, and find out only at the end who Norman really was and what he did.


A slightly more light hearted film is the Addams family. The different adventures the family got up to were quite amusing as a child, and Wednesday Addams was the perfect image of a moody teenager in a house of the living, dead, real and mystical.


Carrie. I have seen the original and enjoyed it, and I am really looking forward to seeing the remake with Chloe Moretz. I actually spotted on twitter the other day this amusing video prank these actors did in a coffee shop in New York. Spectators watch as the girl gets angrier and angrier, unleashing step by step her new found telekinetic powers, the video is below.

The Birds. Heard of this masterpiece before? Another thriller by Hitchcock with his leading lady Tippi Hedren, which narrates the story of sudden and vicious attacks from a flock of birds over the course of a few days. I won’t reveal anymore in case you have not seen it yet.


Obviously we have the modern horror films of today, probably the most recent one I saw was House at the end of the street with Jennifer Lawrence. It was actually quite good, the mystery and suspense was excellent, and what you find out at the end is a little bit expected, but still a surprise. Other great films are the Poltergeist, IT, Friday 13 and many many others. During Halloween month I always make sure I see at least once A nightmare before Christmas.There are so many coming out at the moment, my sister says the Purge is also very good, but to be honest I was a bit too chicken to see that. So whatever you decide to watch this Halloween, make sure the lights are off, popcorn is ready and try not to scream too loud, they will hear you.


carrie-2 the-birds_2105331i

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2093136574_cd906f0740 the-birds-bw-hendren-attack


“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” – Stephen King

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