Monsoon AW13 Campaign

Wow, I am tired.

In the midst of LFW and the woes of school, I can say that I am feeling pretty tired. But alas not too tired to show you this intriguing and rather interesting AW campaign by Monsoon.

I came across this video, and thought it was quite a good idea to incorporate the opinions of those who actually work for Monsoon and the items they love to wear and feel comfortable in. I feel that this campaign is has a bit more of a personal touch, rather than just a model wearing what she is given, and posing for the camera.

Obviously they may not always wear Monsoon to work, but out of the whole collection they picked garments that they like and feel happy to wear to work, gave their style and fashion tips, which is why I think this campaign is more of a personal approach. They get a feel for the clothes they work with, and they match them with their job, showing that the boring old black or grey suit is a thing of the past.

I really loved the jacquard skirt and the knitwear pieces they have. I will definitely be popping round to check some of the items out. I must say this video has got me even more excited for winter wear, I am looking forward to wearing my trusty leather boots, my knitted oversize jumper, and pretty patterned scarves. What do you think about the video?

monsoon_08 monsoon_01 monsoon_02 monsoon_03 monsoon_04 monsoon_06

One Response to “Monsoon AW13 Campaign”
  1. I’m a little bit in love with the AW13 heritage line from Monsoon. Chunky knits really are the best right now – stylish comfort is imperative now we’re entering autumn, don’t you think?

    I actually posted a sneak preview of their AW13 collection (some vintage inspired Gatsby pieces that haven’t yet been released!), if you’re interested to take a look:

    Hope you’re well otherwise! 🙂

    Melissa x

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