The Intern


Hello. So as you may know, if you read my tweets or read my blog, last week and two weeks before that I interned at HELLO! online. I ending my first week, and thought that would be it, but the editor asked me if I would like to come back for them, and I obviously had to say yes.  I must admit I was quite nervous on the first day, rightly so I guess, seeing as it was probably my first job in this scary adult world. I was put straight to work, first researching some information for an article they were writing, and then I helped one of the girls research and contact pr firms about wedding dresses. It may seem like tedious work, but the thing was, I seemed to mold well into it. I knew what I had to look for and got on with it. It was also an eye opener. The website is constantly updated, if a new story comes out, or a celebrity does something, its big news, so they have to quickly write it up and put it on the site. They write article after article after article. I had to spot stories on twitter, which could be seen as breaking news and let them know so that they could write about it. I tweeted for HELLO!, did transcriptions and gained a lot of experience and insight into how quick and responsive one has to be in this online world. You have to be the first with the story. I really enjoyed my 2 weeks there, yes sometimes it was quite repetitive, but I am ever so grateful that the editor and everyone in the office took me on and taught me new things.

After this I see that I would probably go for a publication which is mostly fashion orientated, and also a job which requires going out of the office more often. I would really recommend interning, for all you wannabe journalists out there, it really is an eye opener and you really get a taste of how fast paced and rewarding this industry can be.


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