Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout?!

Yesterday I took my obsession with the 70s and 80s and decided to visit the club to catwalk exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. It was a grim and muggy day, but that didn’t dim my excitement on seeing the beautiful pieces from the experimental decade, the 80s. I didn’t realize that there were so many trends that had appeared during this decade. From structured 50’s inspired silhouettes to grunge relaxed clothes,  from punk which was brought about by Vivienne Westwood, to the glam and goth period, the 80s really was about experimenting, mixing and matching different fabrics and colours. The scene was really set by videos of catwalks from the era, that showed the fun and different way they showcased the clothes, with models dancing around to the music on the catwalk. While walking around the exhibition and marveling at the clothes, I wondered what it would have felt like to have been in that era, to see people in the streets dressed eccentrically like pirates, or dressed in more tailored looks, such as suits and form fitting evening dresses. Magazines such as i-d and The Face really embraced this new idea of experimentation, and new photographers and designers emerged.

I also spotted a lot of trends that have come back today, such as creepers, oversize knits and bomber jackets, all of which are worn by people today, including myself. The vibrant introduction of a new style of music, clubs and fashion really inspired designers such as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano to experiment and to take risks with the items they produced. These risks were made famous by the flamboyant personalities of Boy George and Adam Ant. The fashions were so crazy sometimes that you couldn’t even tell if it was a boy or a girl under all that show make up and fabric. As you can tell I really enjoyed this exhibition, and it has improved my understanding of this decade, and has also heightened my love for the 80s. I Don’t have any pictures, because no photography was allowed, but I guess that would only ruin the surprise for you all. Would definitely recommend to anyone who loves fashion, a must see.

Ensemble with exotic references, i-D, no. 24, April 1985. Styled by Rifat O

[images sourced from the guardian]

Denim jacket, 'BLITZ', by Levi Strauss & Co., customised by Leigh Bowery, 1 Denim jacket, 'BLITZ', by Levi Strauss & Co., customised by Vivienne Westwo Joseph jumper, 1985.

Trojan in Tokyo, 1985.Night out with Boy George, 1980.

In other news I visited the Dalston mirror house last weekend. Its really quite cool and a fun and different thing to do. The queue was long and you only have five minutes to lie down and try out all these crazy poses, but I had a lovely time. On Sunday last weekend I also went to Regent street to check out the 100 meter runway, but it hadn’t started yet, and it was boiling, so didn’t stay long. On Monday I start my internship a HELLO! so quite excited!  [Photos by myself]



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