Don’t dress to kill, Dress to survive

Hello all, hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday. I still am trying to get over the fact that in London it’s actually hot and sunny (well it was) I shall be attending a few events and exhibitions in the weeks to come, so will be keeping you all posted on them. Also in other great and awesome news, next week I shall start my internship at Hello magazine, which is super exciting, yayyyyyyy.

Tokidoki for Karl Lagerfeld

I am a huge fan of the cute little creatures of Toki Doki, and to be quite honest, am so excited that they have decided to collaborate with the great Karl himself, to create a limited edition set of karl figures, along with t-shirts. his cat choupette has als been given a chance to shine under the limelight.  How cute is that??


My fav


The pictures for the Alexander Mcqueen AW13 campaign have been released, and to be honest, I think they are rather stunning. What with all the worlds attention on the royal news, it only seems fitting that their campaign contains somewhat of a regal feel to it. The pictures create very much a strong and dramatic campaign, demonstrating the exquisite detailing and fierceness of the clothes modeled by Edie Campbell. This memorizing campaign is probably on my list of one of my favourites of all times, it really captures the viewer, and demonstrates why Alexander Mcqueen is still going strong today, and makes me want to be able to pull off such a radical piece of headgear.

21423_572965219413591_1460822924_n AW13-Ca A An-

[images sourced from facebook, tumblr,]

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