À la Mode

Leonardo DiCaprio has come along way since his early days of starring in the American sitcom Growing Pains. He has now become one of the world’s most famous film stars, having recently stared in Baz Lurman’s highly anticipated The Great Gatsby and is quickly becoming  almost as well known for his impeccable sense of style. As his diverse film roles (such as Arnie in what’s Eating Gilbert Grape or more recently Calvin Candie in Django Unchained) have shown he’s one of those actors who can carry off almost any style with minimal effort.

However it seems to be The Great Gatsby (based on the F Scott Fitzgerald novel of the same name) which has finally put the actor firmly on the map, fashion wise, with the Daily Mail claiming his hairstyle in the movie alone has sent men rushing to stock upon various hair care products in an attempt to achieve the same look. Esquire magazine even went as far as to write a blog post about how to steal his hairstyle from a recent photo-shoot he did for the magazine. And it’s not just Esquire , other magazines and newspapers are also  putting together style guides on his outfits both on screen,  in The Great Gatsby, and his appearances in real life and on the red carpet. It would seem that the actor is quickly becoming a fashion trend in himself.

When Leo is off screen he can often be seen wearing a smart suit, with slicked back hair and a well groomed beard, as seen recently while he was promoting  The Great Gatsby at the 66th Cannes Film Festival last month.  In recent years this has become DiCaprio signature look away from set.  He’s often seen pairing tailored blazers or vintage leather jackets with plain t shirts and formal shirts.   His effortless and his borderline smart/casual style is perfect for his role as ambassador to Tag Heuer watches.  In recent years it has become apparent that this 90’s heartthrob is all grown up and now a serious actor as reflected in his choice of clothing.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of Hollywood’s most stylish actors for over a decade now and if the reaction surrounding The Great Gatsby is anything to go by he will continue to be for many more years to come. After all how many men can pull of a three piece pink suit like Leo?

Leonardo_Dicaprio TAG Heuer Celebrates A Night Under The Stars With Ambassador Cameron Diaz To Launch Limited-Edition LINK And Benefit UN Women And New York Cares' Sandy Relief Effort

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