Stylish Sightings

Despite being what some would describe as the ultimate California girl Cameron Diaz is quoted as once saying she has “never been into trends. I don’t understand trends,” and claims she doesn’t understand how the fashion world changes each season. However despite Cameron’s admission that she’s not a dedicated follower of fashion she does have a unique sense of style which appears to finally have matured since her earlier days of experimenting with fashion when she attended premiers in hats and ill fitting dresses which was not a great look for her. But despite her occasional slips ups Cameron should be applauded for being brave enough to take such risks in the first place. Hollywood is all too easy a place to fall into the trap of conformity and it’s good to see an actress following her own rules rather than abiding by those of others. A prime example of this was at the 2003 Charlie’s Angels premier when her heel snapped. Rather than freaking out and yelling for her stylist Cameron threw off her shoes and walked down the red carpet barefoot.

She’s now often seen dressing for her figure, and showing of her best asset which is her perfect legs via shorts and bodycon dresses such as the Rolan Mouret Spring 2013 dress she wore to a recent public appearance at the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix Party in Monaco hosted by Tag Heuer to celebrate 50 years of the Carrera. Bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to the event Cameron wore the white Mouret dress which features a hem line which falls to just below the knee and an asymmetrical plunge neckline. The dress’s body con silhouette showed off Cameron’s athletic frame. Her only jewelry was that of her special edition Monaco ACM chronograph, combined with Cedric Charlier heels with tree bark printed heels and copper detail from the Belgian designer’s spring/summer 2013 collection. She is clearly a woman who knows what suits her and she can often be found wearing little white dresses rather than drowning herself in layers and layers and swamping her figure.

Cameron who was in Europe filming her latest movie The Other Woman took a break from set to attend the Monaco Grand Prix the day after the Tag Heuer party and once again showed her sense of casual sense of style by pairing a plain white top with jeans and accessorizing with a stripy scarf and trilby hat and looking right at home on the circuit.

Monaco GP Sunday 26/05/13 Ogier_Cameron Monaco GP Sunday 26/05/13 Paul_Pogba_Cameron_Diaz_Olivier_Giroud2

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