LFW: the Shows

Hollaaaaaaaaaa. Here I am with this fabulous post about my fashion week experience. It was great, quite exhausting (as I have already mentioned) with high heels and all and having to stand up quite a bit (the queues were sometimes longer than the actual shows), but I guess that’s the norm for all the cool fashion peps. As I also have already mentioned I saw five shows on the 15th, Zoe Jordan, Bora Aksu, Fyodor Golan, Gyunel and Jean Pierre Braganza. They were all brilliant. The Zoe, Bora and Jean Pierre shows were in the BFC courtyard space but the other two were in the Savoy ballroom which was a dream. When you walked in the ballroom it was dimly lit, with stunning chandeliers hanging from the royally decorated walls, and when the show started it was beautiful. The shows were intricately coordinated, seeing as at on time there were 3 models on the floor, and they had to intricately coordinate their walking pace, so as not to collide with each other. Through each show I had to keep reminding myself to stop filming and taking photos and actually enjoy the shows.  All in all my first ever fashion week ( first of many FYI!) was such an eyeopening and marvelous experience. Below I shall show you the first 3 shows I saw, and then the other 2 in the next post I do. Feast your eyes on this…

P.S.: some photos are by me some others where sent to me by the designers’ PR people. The videos were being annoying so they are temporarily on hold for this post, check the next post or this one on a later date!!




Zoe Jordan AW!£

Zoe Jordan was the first show of London Fashion Week. The queue took ages but when the show started it did not disappoint, the collection was simple yet chic. It consisted tailored suits in traditional colours and holographic colours too, printed or metallic maxi skirts were worn with chunky wool sweaters. It was a very cool and relaxed monochrome collection, with hints of bright orange and pink. Overall at the end of the show I loved basically everything she presented, and could easily see myself wearing them on a day to day basis, because they were so wearable, comfy and stylish. I especially want the herringbone checked blazer paired with the bright pink trousers.

Next was the magnificient Bora Aksu. I have adored this designer ever since last season when, in my opinion, he delivered a wonderfully whimsical collection. This season was lovely. Light dresses, I liked the way how he layerd light fabrics on top of each other, and contrasted that with ruffled and ridged shoulders. His collection was inspired by the Dolly sisters. These flappers had to maintain a certain silhouette, tight pencil skirts, necklines high, and this was also showed as the model’s hair was pulled back, coiled into plaits and finished with ornate skull caps. I really thought this collection was brilliant. He really represented the era well with babydoll smocks, puffed sleeves and tight corsets. This was one of my favourite shows of the day.

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Last but not least in this post is Fyodor Golan. The queue was enormous outside the entrance to the Savoy, and I had to wait quite a while to get in. But as soon as I entered that magical disney princess like ballroom I was stunned, and even more so when the music started and the models started to enter. The clothes were magnificent, starting off with short dresses then going into richer colours like gold and bronze, and then all of a sudden you saw this masked models approaching the centre. I honestly don’t know how she saw well enough to walk around in a circle. The music really helped with the atmosphere, and it just made the whole ten minutes or so beautifully moving and breathtaking.

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