Guest Post: Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Valentines Day, it can be one of the trickiest times of year to know what to buy the special person in your life. They key is to get something special, no matter the cost, whether you only spend a small amount or are more extravagant.

One of the ideal gifts for him or her comes from the world of watches and accessories. With prices ranging from £10 or less up to thousands of pounds, there’s really something for everyone, no matter the price range.

From a cool funky and bright Casio that matches his or her retro style from just a few pounds up to the hundreds and thousands you can spend on high end luxury pieces, wrist wear is the ideal Valentines gift.

Maybe your other half already has a stylish watch that they adore and couldn’t be seen without, then how about some beautiful wrist candy to compliment it. A lot of the biggest designer brands even offer bracelets and necklaces that match the styles of their watches so you can create a mini accessory outfit from them.

Here are a few pieces for him and for her that would make great Valentines Day presents

These pieces from Casio look great, come at a nice and low price point and are perfect for younger couples. They even could offer a cool geek chic style his and hers look.


lg-A168WA-1WYEF 2142227-280636

Slightly more expensive and maybe for the slightly older watch fan, these pieces from Timex offer a more sophisticated and expensive looking gift. For him we have the expedition T49904 and for her it’s the 1972 limited edition piece.



Bulova watches offer a higher end looking gift, where you will have to spend up to a few hundred pounds, but what you will get really are quality watches that look and feel far more expensive than they are. The gents watch is the 96A120 and the ladies piece is the 96L11



So your significant other already has a watch they love… why not get a piece of jewelry or some accessories to bring the best out of it? The pieces below from Guess and Emporio Armani, respectively range from less than £30 up to just over £100.


Written by Chris from The Watch Hut

Follow Chris on Twitter @WatchHut_Chris or on Google+

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