Hellooooo. Hope you are all having a marvelous start to the week. It was quite excruciating getting up at 6:30am, 6:30AM?! What cruelty is this?! School was ok I guess, it was good to see my friends again. I have been quite busy writing to all these faaaabulous designers to go to Fashion Week in London town. It will be my first time and I am uber  excited! I have already planned my cute little outfit and am all set to go right now!! Back to us. Here I have a little outfit of the day post/ Makeup look/new stuff in room post. Alas I am not really sure what it’s about but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Bisousssss

blog 192

The first 3 photos is my take on a lazy sunday outfit. Top and shoes from Topshop, Diesel jeans, and a bright and bold H&M bag.

blog 190

blog 195


blog 184

Yesterday’s experimental makeup. I think I was trying to recreate one of the looks Miu Miu did on the catwalk a few years back.

blog 185

Today’s sparkly nails, the opposite of what I was feeling when I awoke from my bed.

blog 186

Today’s clothes, face scenario. You can’t see the tiredness, cause I did this later on. (yes in Italy we wear normal clothes to school)



blog 188

Vintage earrings I tooootally forgot to put into my previous post. Well. Here you go.

blog 189

I saw this picture while I was surfing the interweb and thought it quite a darling head accessory. I don’t know if it would suite my curly hair, but I though it was a neat little thing from the 60’s.

blog 199

Last but not least my beautiful book composition. All my favourite,/inspirational fashion books have been placed here. Stephen Sprouse and the Teen Vogue handbook are among the best! (A book that is not up here cause I’m reading it, is the memoirs by Grace Coddington. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who loves fashion, or just wants a big book to read)

3 Responses to “Randomnessss”
  1. tamedfaddism says:

    love the post – mui mui make up experiment payed off i just might try it 😀

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