What time is it?

Do you feel it yet? Christmas is getting nearer and I must admit I am getting quite excited. Presents, delicious food and snow (if you are lucky). I already have to start deciding what presents to get for whom, asking myself if they will like that gift. I have found that a great gift is a watch, and seeing that I have to buy some pressies for some kids, I thought of buying them some cool, colorful, and fun watches! After all they are the next generation, and they need to learn how to start telling the time, one small step in growing up and becoming more independent. Here I have chosen a few of my favorites:
You can find the Watch Hut in Covent Gardens in London. If you don’t have the luxury of having a store nearby, go onto their website:http://www.thewatchhut.co.uk/ where you can pick the watches you want, and they ship worldwide. You can also find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thewatchhut, Twitter and Google+. 

 Girls                                                                         Boys   

For all those super stylish Hello Kitty lovers out there you 
know this is the one for them. This Flik Flak
Hello Kitty strap watch is super cute for all
those mini fashionistas out there, with a bright red glittered
strap, a grey dial adorned with a typical Hello Kitty motif,
this is definitely one for Christmas.
This sturdy, easy to read
designed watch is by Tikkers.
In this stylish orange, and
with a black spider design,
this is a perfect gift for
that special little boy.
Football you say? Yes, this
Cannibal Kids watch
is just the thing for that boy
who is football mad. Also
with a bold green and easy
to read dial, this is ideal
for that sport loving, energetic
little boy.
This Cannibal Kids purple rubber strap watch
is a very sweet and originally designed watch. Perfect 
for that sweet kid you want to give this too. 30
meters water resistance. This is one of my favorites, I
especially like the butterfly style second hand.
We have this light and dark pink
Lorus watch. I think every girl should have a pink watch in their 
wardrobe, and this should definitely be that one
for that stylish little girl. With delicate white flowers and pink
all over, how could one resist?!
Cupcakes!! Seriously if I was still a 
kid I would want this. Apart from the fact it has 
cupcakes on, I love the variety of colors!
This delicious watch is by Timex,
perfect for any little girl who is energetic
and loves to eat sweets! I am deeply considering getting this 
one for myself! 


Next up we have this fun watch by 
Flik Flak. This is for that
little superhero who needs
to tell the time with this Batman watch!
It also comes with a bat mobile style
money box. Now this will
save the day.

This Lorus boys strap watch
attracted my attention thanks
to it’s bright blue dial, rather
eye catching don’t you think?

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